FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

As a request from some customers, we do not send out an automated email of your order confirmation or invoice. For obvious reasons, discretion is necessary with our services which is why we do not send out automated emails or contact you unless we absolutely need to!

We highly recommend creating an account when you order! If you are logged in when you place your order you will be able to see your order in your account along with all your past orders! When we send out your order video you will receive a download link to your email and we provide one in your account. Making an account is great way to keep track of all your order videos for ease of access and storage. Videos are send out using a third-party company called SendSpace.

You will receive a charge from “UPB Services.” Rest assured that there will be nothing that says used panties on your statement!

Your package will be coming in a manilla or white envelope or similar plain packaging from UPB Services. We instruct our models to keep the package looking as plain as possible on the outside. Inside your package will be your pair of panties in a ziploc or sealed bag with a handwritten letter from your model.

You will receive your order video from a third party company called SendSpace. Your download link will be sent to your email and we will post a link to your account underneath the corresponding order. IMPORTANT: If you checked out as a guest you will not receive a download link on the site and will only receive the email from SendSpace.

Creating an account and being logged in when you place an order is an excellent way to keep track of all your orders and the matching videos!

You are able to purchase through “guest checkout” however, we do not recommend that. Creating an account and logging in when you purchase will help you keep track of all your orders and their corresponding videos.

If you accidentally checked out as guest, please create an account then contact us at info@thepantybank.com. We will be able to move your account underneath your profile!

The processing status means your order was successfully placed and we are working hard on your order! If you see a charge from UPB Services appear on your bank statement then we have your order.

When your model completes your video, we send you a download link to your email from SendSpace and provide the link in your account if you were logged in when placing the order. At this time we mark the order the order as “completed” which means you have your video and your panties are on their way in the mail! You should receive your used panties in the mail shortly after your order is marked “completed.” If it seems to be taking too long, please contact us at info@thepantybank.com.

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