You Can’t Stop Us!

Brief update on the status of our website. This past week as been hectic to say the least! A couple years ago we moved our site to Shopify’s platform. We received approval to host on Shopify and use our own Merchant Service. Last week Wednesday (05/09/2018) I woke up to an email from Shopify stating that they have shut down our site. They updated there Terms of Service and decided they did not want a panty selling business on Shopify. Their reasoning was the last article of there terms of service:

“Shopify may terminate this Agreement or the Services at any time with or without cause, and with or without notice.”

After some research I quickly moved our site to BigCommerce. I spent a few sleepless nights trying to get something up and running for you. By Sunday night I was able to have the site mostly functional. Monday brought one of the best selling days ever. Our customers rallied behind the site to show support, I received so many supportive emails and messages that I was in shock. The appreciation for the site was even more than I thought. It meant a lot

to me to see this support! Unfortunately, after one day of being functional BigCommerce removed the site. Their reasoning was the same as Shopify – Bigcommerce may terminate this Agreement or the Services at any time with or without cause, and with or without notice.”

This business has run for almost five years with thousands of sales and only ONE chargeback ever (not our fault). Not only is that statistic above our industry standard, it is above ANY industries standard. We might be a used panty selling business, but we are proud and professional about it! Despite this Shopify and BigCommerce do not like us just because.

Luckily, this mess got me in contact with an amazing GoDaddy agent that told me the best option was to host our site on GoDaddy through WordPress with WooCommerce. GoDaddy is open to all business ideas and net neutrality. As long as we stay a legal business they will never remove us because of the type of service and products we provide. Now that we are hosted on GoDaddy this will be our forever home! We will be running our business without stop for many more years to come.

Once again, thank you to all our customers who have been understanding and patient during this process. Your support and appreciation for the site makes all of it worth it. I will continue to do my absolute best to bring you the most amazing panty selling site out there!

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  1. dale frans

    thank you you have some nice panties an I am very impressed an will buy more yum yum

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